• Commercial Solar Installations

    Earn up to a 20% return on investment

    Significantly reduce your exposure to escalating energy costs

    Take a proactive step towards meeting your CRC obligations

    Proven technology with minimal maintenance requirements

    Installed by Friendly, professional staff

H2Eco : Eco Energy Experts

We are a family-run business passionate about affordable renewable energy for homes in and around Dorset. Solar panels are now better - and cheaper - than ever and we have a wide range of options to suit almost any home.

YougenH2Eco has an excellent feedback rating on YouGen where all customers can leave un-edited feedback.

We have been rigorously audited by Dorset County Council Trading Standards to become members of the Buy With Confidence scheme, to ensure we operate in a legal, honest and fair way.

renewables specialistAt H2Eco we focus 100% on renewable energy systems.

Unlike some other companies who offer general home improvements, we are experts just in renewable energy and install systems designed to fit your property and your lifestyle.

Yougen H2Eco is based in Poole and covers the county from Dorchester to Wareham and across to the New Forest.

With installations in Poole, Bournemouth and beyond, we are sure to have installed something close to you - see our gallery for examples.

Can You Have Solar Panels?

installing Solar Power Most properties will be suitable for Solar Panels.

It is no longer necessary to have a South facing roof. With modern inverter technology we can install on multiple roofs facing in different directions.

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About H2 eco

What is Solar Power H2 ecO is a well established Dorset company founded to specialise exclusively in renewable energy generation and energy conservation.

Our Directors aim is to reduce fossil fuel usage in the UK both to limit carbon emissions and to reduce our reliance on foreign fuel imports.

What Is Solar Power?

What is Solar Power Solar collectors capture the suns energy and either convert it to electricity (photovoltaic) or heat (Thermal).

Both options work very well in the UK, even in cloudy conditions - follow the link above to see more about how the 2 technologies work and their benefits.

Buy With Confidence

Buy with Confidence We want our customers to get the very best service possible - and be assured that everything we do is in their best interest.

To this end we have joined the national 'Buy with Confidence' scheme which is operated by Trading Standards. They have vetted our company and our processes to ensure that we will be there to support you from your first enquiry and on through the life of your solar installation, micro-hydro station or wind turbine.

We are committed to the best long term solutions for every customer and we are not interested in quick fixes that leave you in the lurch without anybody to call. All our systems are chosen to be technically excellent, environmentally-efficient and long-lasting - we will only recommend products that will give you a tangible benefit.

Please see the Buy with Confidence website for further information.

All our work is guaranteed and our practices are continually monitored to ensure we are up to date with the latest technologies.

Why Do Our Customers Choose Us?

For all of our technologies we offer a full design, supply and installation service or in certain circumstances an on going service contract.

Because we develop projects for ourselves as well as customers, we understand what is important in the systems we supply:

  1. Reliability
  2. Return on investment
  3. Minimal maintenance
  4. Genuine contribution to Carbon emission reduction.

We will only ever install systems that we would be happy to invest into ourselves for the long-term.

Because our business philosophy is one of partnership, we do not employ any hard-sell tactics. We are MCS registered and are signed up to the REAL assurance code - Which all MCS registered companies must be.

If you are interested in talking to us about a possible installation, we will never ask you to sign anything on the day, rather we will answer your questions and design a system that best suits your needs - or let you know that a particular technology may not be suitable for your location.

Our team is fully trained and we carry out all customer installations ourselves rather than passing the job of installation to third parties.

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