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Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps - What Are they and how do they work?

Air source heat pumps work by absorbing the heat from the air outside and this heat can then be used to heat your home through radiators, under floor heating or warm air convectors. In some instances air source heat pumps are used to heat hot water.

Basically, heat pumps work like fridges but in reverse. Warmth can be extracted from the air even in temperatures as low as -15° C. Heat pumps require electricity to run but are an incredibly efficient way to heat your home. The heat captured from the air is absorbed into a fluid. This then passes through a compressor, which increases the temperature of the fluid. This increased heat is then transferred to the heating and / or hot water circuits in your house.

Unlike traditional style boilers, heat pumps deliver the heat at a lower temperature and so are working for longer periods. The radiators around the house will not be as hot but will deliver the heat in a more even way throughout the day and night. This can be a far more efficient way to heat your home.

For a detailed explanation of how heat pumps work, we recommend this link:

How the systems are designed and installed depends on a number of factors. As we do not employ salesmen we only ever send out engineers to visit you to ensure that you get the best advice possible and to ensure that all of our systems are designed to a high quality to meet the demands of our customers.

Benefits of installing Air source heat pumps:

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